Motionpoems Working Order by: Gentleman Scholar

Motionpoems Working Order
Directed by: Gentleman Scholar
Poem by: Dora Malech
Client: Motionpoems

I had the pleasure to work with GS again on this beautiful painterly short, recently featured on Stash and Motionographer. My contributions were only to the CG animation, mostly of the bee scenes.  I think this was the most fun I've had working on any projec. You can read more about this piece on GS's website.

Learn To Read

I'm starting over, with my mouth animation.

Imaginary Beast: Beast Friends Forever

My Imaginary Beast friend Rachel Dangerfield has started a weekly pen-pal interview on her blog and I had the honor of going first.  Emily and I received our charming, hand-written questionnaires in the mail and decided not to share them with each other until they were published.

Rachel is cleverly calling the interviews "Beast Friends Forever" and I highly recommend stopping by the Imaginary Beast blog to check these out. Here's a link to my interview.

Xbox Sunset Overdrive by: PSYOP

Xbox 'Sunset Overdrive'
Direced by: PSYOP