Nolan is a story about a crazy critter who finds true love the hard way. This was my undergrad film and I couldn't have done it without all the help from my friends.

Tyler Mele - Writer, Director, Animator, Character Design, Production Design
Tyler Lancaster - Animator, Character Rigging, Lighting
Steve Hubbard - Surfacing, Lighting, Dynamics
Nathan DeShone - Character Modeling
Scott Ulliman - Environment and Character Modeling
Brian Rau - Sound Design, Sound Editor, Sound Mixer
Steve Guyer - Composer, Acting Coach
Jimmy Mack - Nolan
Julie Klein - Darcy, Angelina
Amy Lay - Lilly

Pinky's Adventures is a stop motion short that my friend Nathan and I created, summer of 2009, when we worked at the CCAD Design Group. Somehow... just somehow, we talked our graphic desinger supervisors into letting us to create a promotional animation for CCAD and it would have been great. Unfortunately the prospect of having our work seen by thousands of prospective students was destroyed after the client, CCAD Admissions, sought other means of self promotion. Pinky was never to be seen again, so I edited, added and stretched the content until Pinky's Adventures could stand alone. Live on Pinky, live on.

Based on my own life experiences working for the utilities department in my hometown, Small Town Worker is one of the first things I ever animated. Though the animation and designs are crude, I'm proud to have squeezed a real story, on a tight deadline,  into a twenty second school assignment and manage to get a laugh out of people.